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Aromatherapy has the power to enhance the mood and health of everyone in your home. Share these powerful benefits of aromatherapy with your family by simply enjoying any of our Infusion Aromatherapy™ fragrances.

Well Being - Recharging oils of eucalyptus and healing notes of menthol to recharge your family’s mind, body and soul by using this aromatherapy scent to press their natural reset button. Formerly Eucalyptus Heritage

Restore the physical and emotional balance of your household with organic notes of honey and oats combined with the stabilizing powers of chamomile and neroli oils.

Set a calm and comforting mood with this soothing fragrance and therapeutic essential oils of lavender extremely beneficial for one’s health. Formerly Lavender Heritage.

Naturally calm the body with these therapeutic essential oils of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood blended precisely to induce a relaxing atmosphere. Formerly Relaxing.

 The delicate notes of rose paired with energizing jasmine, mimosa and rose essential oils create an uplifting feel good experience. Formerly Romantic.
 This aromatherapy scent adds an air of relaxation to your home that will help you escape tense moments with the essential oils of peppermint and wild mint.
 Rejuvenate - Essential oils of rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus create a light herbal fragrance with an energizing boost.
 Sandalwood Jasmine Infusion Aromatherapy™ Scented Candle
A seductive blend of sandalwood, ylang and jasmine. Together, these alluring fragrances and essential oils create an intimate atmosphere. Formerly Sensual.

DISCOVER A WORLD OF FRAGRANCE: Its a great day with Gold Canyon Candle

DISCOVER A WORLD OF FRAGRANCE: Its a great day with Gold Canyon Candle: Its a great day with Gold Canyon Candle
Its a great day with Gold Canyon Candle

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is coming, enjoy the fresh scent fragrance of spring.. Call me today or visit to order today.
Sales Reps NEEDED! Part time or Full time, your own boss, your own hours and more time for your family! I'm loving my home-based business.

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My personal experience with Gold Canyon Candles. I was a customer of Gold Canyon Candles for many years, one day my friend/Demonstrator came to me with the idea of selling Gold Canyon Candles. I of course at first said "I am just way to busy." Then after hosting a party she gave me the idea again that I could make the extra money I need for my children's sports activates. She told me about the great incentives Gold Canyon Candles offers to their Demonstrators. The idea of making 25% of what I sold was pretty outstanding. So in July I signed up. What a great experience so far. My family, their family and friends all enjoy the fragrances of Gold Canyon Candles. I have since set my goals higher with a chance of earner a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. What a great reward for doing what I love.

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